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Jumping the Gun Because You Want to Force Yourself to Feel a Feeling

Jumping the Gun Because You Want to Force Yourself to Feel a Feeling

One thing about being an adult is the idea that by now you should know what you are doing. You’ve been exposed to gender, age, role, etc. differences long enough to at least walk around as if you know what is up (or “what is on”… for all my aussies out there) and that you are doing what is in line with what you expect of yourself. There is a plan in front of you with space for additions and alterations so all is in line for you too keep trekking along happily.

Then the typical Spider Man comes outta freakin’ no where, picks you up and drops you off in a place that wasn’t part of your plan, then disappears into the night, the airport, the subway…(this is your story so you fill in those details). No Biggy… you’re, after all, capable of adapting quite well so you alter the plan (because that is why you made it malleable in the first place) and continue trekking.

Then the thought hits you, “There is something about what just happened that I want to explore more. how do I get that to happen again?”

With your eyes pealed you continue to go about your everyday existence and nothing is happening. There is no spark in any of the seemingly, potential spark-like events you’ve encountered. You decide you’ve got to take matters into your own hands and not let any opportunities pass you by. With your cat woman costume (boys pick your own costume) on, you prowl around on this new path you are creating for yourself, then FINALLY, you find something you can work with. Spark!, here it is, lets go! “Where is it gonna take me?”

While riding this wave you realize, “Oh shit, what have I just gotten myself into? Do I really want this right now?” Panicky, you jump off the wave despite the fact that it is still calling you. You desperately try to return to your pre-super hero state, wipe your forehead with a big PHEW and lay low for a while.

All is good until you start thinking about the wave. It wasn’t so bad, what were you so afraid of? It was honestly more exciting than any other 9-5. “Shall I give it another round?” you think, “Yeah why not?” You stand up, go into the phone booth and put your super woman suit on (guys, you take the super man costume for this one).

Just as you walk out of the booth, Batman comes outta freakin’ nowhere and BAM! Punches you in the face, knocking you to the ground as he yells, “AMATEUR!!!” and walks away.

Figuratively, of course.