Confiding in People

Confiding in People

Confiding in people often only has short term benefits. Essentially what you are doing is willingly giving the receptor of your personal information power over you because of your compulsion to speak out the energy on your mind. In the short term you feel better, hopefully accepted and more clear headed to further sort out your dilemmas. But what does the person you passed along your personal information do with it once your conversation is over? They often confide in someone else because the energy you passed along is too great to keep in (that’s the reason you spoke it out loud to a listening body in the first place). So now this person knows something about you, which you will probably forget about because what they don’t realize is that they heard of the issue at just one moment in the chain of processing data and that that specific moment may not really be of much significance once the overall scheme of things has been played out. Sadly they are left feeling empowered over outdated information.

Sadly, they will remind you of your outdated information. The speaking of emotional gibberish is just that gibberish. A fact that a listener should always take into account when attempting to grasp the macro-situation they have become involved in…. good listeners know this and realize that often people just need the physical breathing body in the room to receive sound waves that come out of their mouth to just feel better. Emphasize “feel better.”

But some listeners do not understand what a person is actually accomplishing by transferring information to them…. these listeners think that they must do something with the information, that they are now somehow involved in the direct line of events… when in reality they are simply perceived as an open ear. In essence, now that they are in “the know” it is now their business. Which is not the case…. they then become meddlers.

The difficulty with a meddler is that they think that meddling is a sign of friendship, like in order to be friends we have to know everything about the person and openly deal with all aspects of them….tiring as it may be, they need to meddle to maintain the appearance that they do have “friends” in order to feel something (confident, happy, cool….anything).

What meddlers don’t understand is that many people do not like their privately conveyed information used as a ball and chain.

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