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On Writing, Socially Bored, and the Need to Repeat

On Writing, Socially Bored, and the Need to Repeat

There is something in writing that I can find in no human being.  It is the ability to express myself as needed, as often as I need to.  Socializing requires me to be too much of an actress.  Too many social situations are governed by behaviors that I, for the longest time, believe were simply the way things had to be done.  It is not that these social rules are too strict or that I have a different way of approaching situations… it is that I do not get much out of them.  They are not productive in ways that I need them to be in order to feel happy and refreshed after a social encounter.

I find the best example in conversation repeats.  People (myself included) get uncomfortable when they hear that same story or example told by the same person, over and over again.  We all do it, so why is it that none of us allow each other to do it.  There is a totally obvious social behavior that people exhibit when they’ve heard what you are saying before (actually there are a few, some nicer than others) but those behaviors are not the point.  The point is that the bigger the impression something made on you, the more often you feel the need to express it.  Like wearing the same shirt a few times in the same week because you like the design, the way it fits, or how soft it is…someone is sure to notice you wore that recently.  Whether or not they choose to comment is irrelevant, it is the fact that we notice eachother’s repeats and are disturbed by it.

A better example is conversation…I need to tell/rethink some of the same stories because they made a huge impression on me and I do not want to see that look on other people’s face when I have once again found a relevant reason to bring up a certain subject.  It is on my mind…more so, most likely, than most people who are in front of my eyes.

I guess it depends on if the people are conversing for the sake of presenting themselves to society or for the sake of interacting with the people around them… those types of points of view make all the difference.