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The Switch from Dislike to Like

The Switch from Dislike to Like

Usually when I come across someone who holds a place in my mind, a whole wealth of memories flood into my mind screen.  They just keep flashing and reminding me of all the different attitudes towards the person I have taken.

I imagine the same thing about me is going off in their head.  Suddenly I find that the conversation has overtones of previously unspoken attitudes.  “Does he really realize that I didn’t like him way back then?” I ask myself because all of a sudden the topics of choice all have a common theme.   We are all of a sudden talking about people we’ve both lately come across people from the past that we didn’t like.

“Odd how the conversation went in this direction,” I continue thinking to myself, feeling a little exposed.  It continues to the point where we discover how we actually have the same reasoning and methodology for not liking general people.

I find it strange talking to people who I don’t like about the details of not liking people.  It is kind of a mind trip, but the situation goes on and now we have actually found something in common.  The confusion sets in because now, I have something in common with a person I don’t like… does that mean that I kinda do like his personality after all?  I don’t know, but I’m definitely intrigued.