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Clocks and the Market for Other Worlds

Clocks and the Market for Other Worlds

This world is highly evolved, I’m still amazed by the existence of the clock.  I think it is funny that one day someone looked up and realized that time exists and we can track it.  I think it is even more funny that people write about different worlds because seriously this place exists and has a history (proof of which is given in the existence of a clock) so other places must exist too, right?  What I don’t understand is why this idea of other worlds became embedded into everyday life; here is my guess for how it got started:

I think that once everyone realized the odd existence of this world and postulated other worlds, the idea sparked the dawn of a new industry.  Everywhere people started preaching of what they thought other worlds would look like.  Since technology didn’t exist back then, there was no way to answer the question of “But how do we get to these other worlds?”  So the smartest preachers said “You get to them when you die!”  “When we die?” shrieked everyone in the crowds.

The farmer preacher said “yes! but only if you plough my field really well for your whole life, will you be able to get there.”

And the Doctor preacher said, “Only if you maintain your health and the health of your family will you get to see the best of the other worlds.”

And the evil preacher said, “only if you give into temptation, will I let you have power in the other worlds.”

And the scientist preacher said, “If we can build a space ship together, we can fly past the stars and take a super nova wormhole to travel to other worlds.”

By this point the idea of other worlds had become so prevalent in the society of humans on earth that no one dared question it.  Over time certain preachers gained larger followings than others and we able to wield power over larger and larger groups of people.

It just makes sense to me to stay living for the real world… the one we know exists, then figure out the other worlds when we get there.  But maybe that’s just how I travel.


My written goals

My written goals


3-5 years: To work internationally for an Orange County/LA based financial firm while earning enough money to cover family expenses as well as amass wealth.

5-10 years: Begin moving into business for myself based on large, institutional size clients while having fun investing my wealth.

10-20 years and beyond: Cruise on all the building I’ve done to consistently beat client expectations while using my wealth to help my extended family.  Also be prevalent in the philanthropic societies all over the world.

Education/Professional Development

Pursue some sort of professional certification relevant to the line of work I end up in.

Volunteer Community Service

Yes, participate in these types of activities assuming they are in line with my personal value system.  Perhaps one day start a free Dog owner training program that teaches people ethical treatment of their pets.


Stay devoted to my parents.  Find a supportive and reliable husband who has the same values to have healthy kids and a white picket fence with, etc. etc.

Health and physical condition

Stay in shape, eat well, and continue to belly dance and do yoga.  Also establish better habit when living in foreign countries and traveling.


Get rich/wealthy and stay rich/wealthy.  Practice sound financial planning and teach others how to avoid them draining me dry.  Maintain net worth of +1 million.

Hobbies and Pleasure

Win a belly dance competition, buy a bunch of profitable properties to furnish and decorate for tenants, buy a boat, buy a new motor home for my parents, support my husband’s interests, travel the world as often as possible and make a profit while doing it, add more to this list as needed.

Stuck with what’s available

Stuck with what’s available

My imagination depresses me.  It shows me so much possibility in the world, but when I open my eyes and take a look around, I’m often completely unsatisfied with what I see.  On the inside are my goals and dreams, on the outside are the actual tools to accomplish and realize those goal and dreams.  Unfortunately, just because the tools are there doesn’t mean that they will be willing to come to my assistance.  I always seem to dream one step beyond what i can actually find in the world, hence the depression.  This depression always accompanies the resentment because “this is all I can get?!?!? the best I can do?”  I just want to step into the world and pick up all the pieces that so nicely fit together to form my life puzzle.  This often takes more work, more money, and more energy than I forecast and often leaves me with extra parts and relationships that serve no other purpose but to annoy me.  I think I could cope better with more work, more expenses, and more energy being expelled if the “good enough” clingers didn’t drain me dry in the process.  It is sad that some people think that love and friendship is in the air when all I did was say hi and have a conversation.  I’m sick of being taken advantage of because I enjoy being nice to people.  A smile, a glance, and a few conversations mean nothing; nothing other than the fact that you’re speaking with a girl who took etiquette classes in junior high.  If all it takes for you to think you like someone is their manners, then I suggest therapy, because you don’t know what love is and you’ll keep getting in people’s way in the process.