On mediocre talent

On mediocre talent

Most of us have it.  There are many things we are all good at, or rather, good enough at.  I don’t know if it is better to not be interested in anything, or constantly know enough to know how much more there is to know.  Knowing is a great burden on the curious.  A catch-22.  To not know carries just as heavy of a darkness as knowing what you don’t know or can’t do.

At any given time we can answer to ourselves for our faults.  We know what more we can do to brighten our minds and condition our spirits, yet we also know what the world has thus far been unwilling to allow us to do.  These two contradictions spur us into mobile inaction, and insanity state where we cannot move forward in our personal growth and we are bold and persistent enough to not regress, so we just keep doing what we can do.

The mental overload from this obsessive think-tank “can-do” attitude is mind numbing.  Attempts to break out and actually network into some great dream, which we have meticulously envisioned thousands of times over, always end with just more free time pondering what went wrong.

We blame ourselves for being too passionate, too much ourselves, or too much of not what other people are looking for.

In reality, there are a lot of talented-enough people.  It is the bell curve.  The dream of finally being the best and earning enough money to continue being the best is most likely going to be interrupted by the alarm clock.  “Time to start another day.”  Cinderella was one of the few who was saved, and it wasn’t because of talent.



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