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Days of boredom

Days of boredom

Oh these days of boredom,

how they twist my heart,

Over and over again I think about it all,

The once exciting is now steril,

I tried hard for this,

I worked to make a difference to get here?

What is it all for?

Why do we go so far to be in the same spot disappointed by the lens we are now looking through?Everything has lost its luster and shine

In this disillusioned state, It all just looks like work

boring pointless work,

It will add up in time, it will

but not soon enough.


Chasing the unknown

Chasing the unknown

I often get discouraged when I have to learn yet another thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I love learning new things.  The overwhelming part is when I’ve learned so much and it isn’t enough.  The world chases the unknown.  It stabs in the Achilles Heel because it can.  The world always knows more and has more connections.  It is a twisted social game that people play subconsciously.

The game goes like this:  I know how sally reacts to things she doesn’t know, so when I want to put her down off her high horse, I’ll bring up something she doesn’t know.

The trick is that no one knows everything because no one needs to.