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On Chasing Dreams

On Chasing Dreams

11pm, Ugh. the night owl in me insists on living by the numbers.

Chasing dreams is a weird process sometimes.

Will I ever just live the dream and be fine with that?

“ets get there and be done with it so I can play all day long,

uninterrupted by feelings of obligation.

That’s what I was promised!

Once I finished my work I could play, forever.

Over and over and over again, they lied.

The nature of work is not to be over.

Hard work, work smarter; they were the choice at the fork in the road.

So many people couldn’t, so they Worked Harder

as if the Work Smarters are in any different boat.

It hasn’t changed.

They call it an education,

people with PhDs work both harder and smarter.

Seeing the false hope is like looking around your room and realizing

that it is all junk.

CEOs are employees too.

We’re all employees if we are employed.

There is no where else to go for most of us.

We can hope and dream and learn and endure.

We can argue, bitch, and be bitter selves.

We must do both sets here, at this time.

We have no choice.

Many egos have softened and turned to reason

some with much spite.

Just work towards freedom