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On How Pick Pockets Aren’t Always after Your Money

On How Pick Pockets Aren’t Always after Your Money

I was walking from Las Ramblas (near the shore front) in Barcelona to my apartment about 10 Spanish blocks inland on a somewhat chilly Wednesday. If you’ve ever been in Spain on a Wednesday, you’ll know what I mean when I say there was no one around. Literally everyone hides inside on Wednesdays, shops are barely open, cafes only open at intermittent times of the day, etc.

So there I was, stretched into my gray jeans and new H&M Jacket I had recently purchased (this was 2004 so H&M had yet to open stores in America) walking along minding my own business.

Ahead of me, I could see two teenage boys and a 10 year old boy were walking along the same side walk going the opposite direction. I walked along the curb to let them pass. The 10 year old had been swinging around each light pole as he came to one, as we passed he intentionally swung around this particular pole next to me twice, which caused him to swing into me so he could wrap his arms around me, face into my chest.

At the moment I found myself in a bear hug starring down at a smiling Catalonian face, one of the older boys reach over and pinched my left butt cheek with a jiggle, then they all ran off yelling something in Catalan.

Despite feeling violated, I couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably the rest of the way back to my place. I checked for the few items (keys, credit card, and euros) I had taken out for the day, and was relieved that everything was still safely zipped in the inner pocket of my jacket… so the boys got away with nothing substantial except a good pinch.