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The Move from Fantasy to Reality

The Move from Fantasy to Reality

When I was a kid I would plow through fantasy books.  The nice thing about many books of that genre is that they come in whole sets.  After reading one book one day I could read another book in the series the next day.  When forced out of my book world to eat dinner, socialize, or go to school, I would wiggle in my seat in anticipation of what was about to happen next in the story. Instantly, once released from my waking life necessities, I would grab the book (which usually wasn’t far from grasp) and nestle into my pillows once again back in fantasyland.

Unfortunately, I eventually grew out of this genre.  Suddenly it didn’t take me away anymore.  All the far off lands sounded familiar.  The main character of one series strikingly resembled the chosen one from another.  Still I kept trying and kept reading to get my self back into that wonderful wash of fantasyland emotions.  In revisiting books of by gone days I could feel moments of the saturation, but sadly they were just moments.

In my searching moved around to other parts of the books store I found the fiction section and thought, “Finally!  With all these to choose from I should be quite happy to devour the contents of these shelves.”  But no, they didn’t stick.   The stories had characteristics of fantasy in that they weren’t real, but they were fantasy based on this concert jungle I already walked around in. I may as well have been watching soap operas or cheesy chick flicks. In my withdrawal state of despair I thought, “what else is left?  Reality is so boring, I don’t want to read about reality… or do I ”

It was then that I wandered into the Philosophy aisle.   Philosophy, the mother of all sciences, the root of ponderance, and driving force of figuring out what the heck is going in this life. Suddenly reality wasn’t so boring. I pondered existence, behavior, the simple things, culture, and habit.  I noticed references to it everywhere in history, advertising, phrases….it was everywhere.  The world finally had some color again.

By then I wasn’t a kid anymore.  I could not just pull out a book and read through calculus or finance classes.  I had to pay attention to the practicality of the world. Groom myself for employment opportunities and speak in simple terms to avoid being misunderstood.  After all of that, the Philosophy topics I had to leave behind were no longer interesting.  Once again, I found myself needing something to look forward to, some happy excitement to break me out of my Eeyore resting phase.  So I decided not to find it in just books… but to actually live it instead.

Shopping for a Significant Other

Shopping for a Significant Other

A man stands outside of a luggage shop. He has walked by this particular shop everyday on his lunch break for the past few weeks, eying a piece of luggage that caught his eye. Today, he finally decided:

“I’m going to go inquire about this one.”

He walked in, and the shop girl asked, “Can I help you sir?”

“Yes, actually” he responded in a secure tone, “I’m looking for a new piece of baggage to carry around with me, some thing bright and cute, like the one in your window.”

“Well that particular one seems the most fitting, lets have a look” the shop girl responded as she pulled it into the aisle of the store.

The shop girl continued “She is bright and colorful and is sure to lighten your mood, but I must warn you though,” she stated, as she unclasped the latches and looked inside….

“She’s beautiful” you admire under your breath.

The shop girl continued (eager to make a sale), “Once you look inside” as she opened the luggage ” you’ll notice, sir, that her previous owner stole most of her pride and dignity, but I assure you, that can be replaced, with some proper care, whatever that may be.”

“It is of no consequence, my lady. How much longer do you think she has?” He asked.

“In her prime sir?” The shop girl responded back, “Most definitely, five years of consistent travel until she is stretched and smothered by your hauntings, which is the length of our warranty I must add, at which time you are free of her, I assure you that she will manage any carry-on baggage you acquire, for a fee of course, and leave you to go live your life in pursuit of other, perhaps, younger pieces of luggage,” She continued, ” to your hearts content,” the shop girl stated while condemning the luggage with a smile.

“What a perfect warranty package,” said the man, “Do you mind if I take her for a stroll around the mall, just to, to get acquainted?”

” By no mean sir, be back in 10 minutes?” She asked.

“No problem,’ the man responded as he walked out, handle in hand, out of the up-scale establishment.

Ten minutes later the man returned and asked the shop girl, “What of her previous owner, is he still in want of her?”

“Her previous owner? Well, sir, I must admit, he has called on occasion to ask of her status and tell me of his, but he has made no real effort to come and collect her, therefore I must assume that she is for sale as any other piece of luggage in the shop. Will you take he?”

“Most definitely, of course,” he said, “I cannot imagine a better warranty for such an object at the moment. Under warranty for five years and at that point, no hard feelings for getting rid of her at my whim’s content? What man could ask for such perfect use of a woman? I must take this colorful and enchanting beast and use her to my hearts content.”