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On Breaking Points and Living in the Future

On Breaking Points and Living in the Future

The difficulty with a breaking point is that you never know where it actually is.  You often avoid certain behaviors because you believe they would get you to that point, when in reality you have probably 1) been totally obviously as to why certain behaviors got you to a breaking point in the past and 2) exhibited behaviors hoping to get you to a breaking point and it turned out that the breaking point is actually no where in sight.

Sometimes all you know is that you are stuck dealing with 49 negatives so you can get 51 positives and even though the positives out weight the negatives, you are definitely not happy.  Problem is that the grass on the other side is not looking much greener because you have convinced yourself that the path you are on is the right path and that you are lucky to be on it so you better count your blessings.

In reality most paths are suiting, you just do not have any kind of emotional or social connection to other paths, so, you tend to think that they do not have value.  Plus you have spent a lot of energy making plans.

I think the most difficult part of sudden changes in life is coming to terms with the fact that all the hopes and dreams you had envisioned yourself to experience are no longer within your capacity to grasp with your new altered set of resources.  You must dream up a new horizon to look forward to.  People tend to shy away in horror at this idea when they are not actually facing the real, immediate task of doing so, why?  Possibly because they either 1) have had to do it before and realize what a daunting task it is or 2) they have had the luxury of never having to create a new future for themselves unexpectedly.

If all goes well, Walter Benjamin’s Destructive Character will come out of you on its own to force you to pick up the pieces and find a better, more productive way of spending your time.