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Clocks and the Market for Other Worlds

Clocks and the Market for Other Worlds

This world is highly evolved, I’m still amazed by the existence of the clock.  I think it is funny that one day someone looked up and realized that time exists and we can track it.  I think it is even more funny that people write about different worlds because seriously this place exists and has a history (proof of which is given in the existence of a clock) so other places must exist too, right?  What I don’t understand is why this idea of other worlds became embedded into everyday life; here is my guess for how it got started:

I think that once everyone realized the odd existence of this world and postulated other worlds, the idea sparked the dawn of a new industry.  Everywhere people started preaching of what they thought other worlds would look like.  Since technology didn’t exist back then, there was no way to answer the question of “But how do we get to these other worlds?”  So the smartest preachers said “You get to them when you die!”  “When we die?” shrieked everyone in the crowds.

The farmer preacher said “yes! but only if you plough my field really well for your whole life, will you be able to get there.”

And the Doctor preacher said, “Only if you maintain your health and the health of your family will you get to see the best of the other worlds.”

And the evil preacher said, “only if you give into temptation, will I let you have power in the other worlds.”

And the scientist preacher said, “If we can build a space ship together, we can fly past the stars and take a super nova wormhole to travel to other worlds.”

By this point the idea of other worlds had become so prevalent in the society of humans on earth that no one dared question it.  Over time certain preachers gained larger followings than others and we able to wield power over larger and larger groups of people.

It just makes sense to me to stay living for the real world… the one we know exists, then figure out the other worlds when we get there.  But maybe that’s just how I travel.


Writing and a Female Prospective

Writing and a Female Prospective

I like to write about patterns in life and other things around me lately. I describe parallel events while making subtle references to the actual events that have inspired me, and of which, I can only guess if any bystander of the times can actually connect incidents to the specific references I cite; they might catch one, but not another, because more than one event may be referenced in patterns of which I write. These patterns are like small cycles, lasting from mere minutes in silence to miles of cruising the open road, that occur at different points of time in my life and are directly related to each other but only in form, because the content (i.e. plot, characters, setting, specific chronology of events, etc.) are different.

The best example is the chemically triggered female cycle. Hormones trigger emotional responses in this particular cycle, this connected with the innate drive of procreating, causes our minds (acting as functions of our body and issuing thought) to subtly tune in with the concept of the female cycle and thus, both men and women react to it. The physical action is what is too be focused on here because it is a by-product of the cycle and what others perceive consciously.

I noticed that there are different triggers in replace of hormones in other cycles of life. Other cycles use this programing and apply it to other issues that need to be – so to speak – completed. Maybe I think this way just because I am female. Perhaps it isn’t so for men. I’m suggesting/playing with the idea that maybe if men want to escape a life of social/emotional cycles (aside from events like the earth’s orbit and the changing of the seasons – which are, need I even type: unavoidable) they could simply remove female influence from their sphere, if only for a few minutes, to take a break from a dizzying existence… only to return, well-equipped to face the cycles again. Women, being completely unable to stop cycling, have no concept of what not cycling could possibly be and therefore must work out the dizziness cycling causes through cycling itself, achieving obviously far less of a break than men, but feeling just as refreshed.

Social cycles I am referring to can be as simple as hanging out with friends on a regular basis and as complex as fidgets.

I hope this makes sense, I won’t know until morning…

Dreams and Loving Lula

Dreams and Loving Lula

There I was pacing the halls of my palace, wondering how on earth the evil god of the northern tribes managed to kidnap some of my protected soldiers from their post on the border with the tribal plains. “I spent weeks putting the barrier up with the best wizards in the country, and even tested the fact that those soldiers were physically incapable of crossing the barrier, either by their own will or force. How could it possibly have failed???” I exclaimed in a fit of fury to my humble adviser, Grumbambly, from the planet Gamb. His six eyes worryingly gazed out the window as my personal body guard approached through the courtyard to deliver, what I knew was a devastating…. lick on my hand….? “Lula! No, I’m trying to sleep Boo. Okay Okay you can climb in bed too, but, no, don’t take up the whole thing… no I can’t be petting you constantly, alright give me a snuggle…yes, thank you for cleaning my hand, I love you too…All Done! Sleep time, Lula, Sleep time….”