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The Routine Life

The Routine Life

Are you ready to be bored? And skip a few lines? Or even think to yourself as you close this note, “Why is she writing this?”

I wake up every day between 6:30 and 7:00am depending on if the sun covered by fog or not and especially if the blinds are turned up or down. It is easier to wake up to the sun than to my new ambient cell phone ring tone, but I still need another alarm clock that I stole off my dad’s night stand (he doesn’t need it and hasn’t come looking for it since I took it two months ago).

I get ready with the same enthusiasm everyday but depending on whether or not I apply a darker shade of eye shadow and if I took a shower the night before or that morning, I might look like a drowned rat or a pampered princess. So these little subtleties are mere variations in my routine that have a rather large impact upon how my personality is perceived through out the day.

The fact that I do not rise joyfully to meet my day also plays a part because my tiredness and longing to relax as I lazily sleep in causes me to sacrifice vital time that I might otherwise use to dry my hair straighter. On those mornings where the sun pulls me out of sleep gently as it rises I tend to have much more energy to tend to things that a dark room encourages me to shun.

My days are constricted by my job and despite the lack of circulation, this desk job allows me ample time to indulge in a hobby of drinking tea.