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On Friend Styles

On Friend Styles

I sat on my couch next to a long-term friend. Myself and another friend (whose mom had just picked her up) had just unintentionally said some hurtful things to this long-term friend and she was determined to get back at me.

“Friend,” she started, “you really need to stop worshiping me so much. People notice that you just jump at the chance to do things for me.”

I tried to explain by saying, “I was just being nice and if I can help any friend out, not just you, I do. Friends give me a reason to do things I wouldn’t normally do if I didn’t have friends.”

She continued by explaining, “You need to be stronger in yourself and not be such a push over.”

This upset me because I valued her opinion. But I took her advice and we are no longer friends because now I hang out with people who actually appreciate me for my type of friendship-style because it is similar to their own.