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For Lack of Something Better to do with my Time….

For Lack of Something Better to do with my Time….

…as well as the inability to do a task that disresembles a typical “I really am working hard, really” look… I must just type a note to keep my emotions from flaring up behind my face. If such an event, which is on the verge of happening, does occur, it will take me at least an hour to find the correct emotional antidote that should put me back on track.

If I could access myspace from here, I must admit, boldly and with all my heart, possibly my soul, and maybe a lock of hair – just for kicks, that I would rather leave this blog type-a-thingy on that profile.

Saturday morning I am going to spin down a rabbit hole and see what sort of land I end up in. Seeing as I don’t have anyone to break my fall, I hope I don’t break any porceline people upon landing in wonderland. If I do, I k now I can glue them back together, but it would really break my stone cold heart to see their faces cracked for life.

I do have some expectations for myself along the way. I plan on meeting a walking pen, with whom I’ll exchange story ideas with and perhaps get some tips and pointers on writing styles. I must indeed fall in love on my journey…with whom? You might be asking…. I’m not really sure who is left to forcast. There has been the wise wizard, the horse rider, the archer, the Hindi drunkard, a few hobbits, and…a skunk…..none more worth noting. I fell in love with them all in someway, for some reason or another. Perhaps I’m in the mood to fall in love with a philosophical sun who has the ability to bottle the happiness in me and pour a drop or two into my mouth when i’m feeling down. Or maybe a moon with a teleporting cloak who can whisk me away to his palace high in the mountains where, when no one is awake, I can walk to the cliffs and ‘throw little things off, like car parts, bottles and cutlery, or what ever I find laying around’….and go through all that so I can feel safe up there with him.

I’ll need companions, of course. I think a clever mouse, a mermaid, an inventer, oh and slithering snake. I’ll be the sorceress, with an apprentice, definately.

The plan is to jump from the cliffs, dive in shipwrecks, and twirl in circles around the clouds, eat some mushrooms and bathe energizing sunshine… all while collecting gold coins along the way. I’ll be the warrior Princess… none of this Peach pansiness, I’ll battle the bad guys with my mind altering super powers and if in a bind, then my dark knight in shining armor will rescue me from the evil boss. My knight and I will then live happily ever after. The end.