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It is 3am and I’m wide awake because I passed out at 7 or 8 when I got home from drinking. I’ve been laying in bed 1) thinking about how comfortable it is and 2) wondering what actually excites me in life. There are so many things I do that really are only interesting because they get me moving and out of my room. But do I actually enjoy it? that is a very different question, usually my response is, “I had a good time,” which is true but most of the time my head is still in another place or wishes to be for some reason.

It is that feeling of being 100% absorbed in something that I actually crave; that is difficult to obtain with other people around. Often I think that the people I’m hanging out with would enjoy themselves more if they were hanging out with someone else who is more entertaining. Maybe I’m just bored with myself sometimes so I assume others must be as well. Actually it is really a compatibility issue because more overtly social individuals need to be entertained to have a good time. They also need you to be over the top in explaining situations you enjoyed otherwise they don’t see the fun in it and respond with suspicion.

I think it is my knowledge of these overly social types that makes me wonder if I could have had a better time. I just see how other people “enjoy” situations more than I did and I wonder what I missed. But it isn’t that I didn’t have a good time, it is just that I didn’t have a good enough time. I think someone would have enjoyed themselves more with different company because I am not always that interested in social activities unless I’m extremely interested in hanging out with the parties involved.

I’m rather apathetic towards most people, like always have one foot on the ground and take it all with a grain of salt. I just don’t really want to be connected to anyone (aside from family) any more than I already are. Some sort of freedom from being defined by my friends. I don’t really know what to do about it, or if anything needs doing. School is good because it gives me a reason to hang out with people and a base for something to talk about.

The worst is feeling alone when people are around, because when I feel alone, I want to go be alone and that is often difficult when someone is relying on you to maintain your attention to the fact that they are there with you in the moment. Like if driving in the car and the other person wants to talk and I’m just zoned out, then I have to deal with the other person not being satisfied with my entertainment skills, when I really would rather be relaxing somewhere or practicing a new dance move in my room.

The problem with relationships is that I usually wonder why the person is hanging out with me and I usually don’t have a very good answer to that question. Just killing time, I guess, with something to do and someone to do something with. I think I’m just lacking adventurous excitement and the feelings involved. It all comes back to me being immobilized until I finish school. It is a personal choice and these are just the side effects of that choice that I must bear to accomplish my goal. I’m almost a year in and I have a year left, so it should go by fast. I have a lot of things to look forward to this summer. That dance workshop in July up in LA, getting these summer school classes out of the way, so the future doesn’t seem so grim, neither really does the present. There is just some left over dread from the past in dealing with people that comes up after certain interactions that makes me feel unsure of myself, but in so many other ways, I’m fine. I just wish I could go back to sleep.

On Losing Patience

On Losing Patience

Sometimes it is just one comment that swings the pendulum. Maybe the trait was always there, it just happened to be directed at you for once. Maybe it will only happen once in a while but because of the extremeness of the comment you can’t help but to wonder if perhaps it was just the beginning of flood gates opening. In that case, it is cautious to steer clear of the river valley.

But it draws a line there and puts up a score board. How many times is the line going to be crossed before I don’t want to deal with it anymore? I just have to wait and see. But this is the problem I’ve had in the past: I wait and see for too long, so long that I’m so exhausted that I just want to shut the door and brick over the entrance.

I just don’t think I have a right to tell people that I think they are full of shit. Yes maybe it is just a phase and they haven’t realized how life has affected their personality contra to mine; I’m tired of waiting out those storms too. I wouldn’t want someone coming into my world and telling me I’m going about things all wrong, because I know- just as much as other know about themselves- that things are just fine and functioning enjoyably. People in themselves know what parts of their life aren’t optimal, they don’t need to hear how much worse those things are making it on people around them because there is probably not much they can fully do about it right now.

I’ve just lost the coping skill that should enable me to think of social bullshit in a non-momentous way. Why am I even thinking of it at all? Why can’t I just let it pass and not feel like I need to prepare myself for it to happen again? Because it happens a lot and I can’t have a good time when I’m constantly having to watch my behavior or words to shelter myself from some sort of attack.